Project Information

Building brands, deepening customer relations, and enabling the satisfaction of the highest value are the objectives of our team. We repeat our activities and take pride in them because we work as a team to achieve our client’s objectives.



Brief about your new business.
Share few links of your competitors/ reference websites
If you don't have a hosting plan, Please let us know for how many years you are willing to purchase. Already have a hosting plan, then please share details about the hosting plan, so we can analyze whether that your business can handle it.
You have domain registered already, please share the login details of the domain. So we will be able to park the domain to the hosting. If you're having domain and hosting linked, then you can skip this. Just, we will require this details once we completed the website.
Upload all necessary files, content, logo and other related content for the website.
Let us know how many products you want us to add initially. Also let us know in future how many you will be adding.
We would be needing details for integrating payment gateway for ecommerce. If you have already registered for online payment gateway, you can share the details. Or else we will be creating a new account.
Do you have a deadline for this project?
Any specific features you want to implement e.g., : Live chat, SEO, email marketing
For how many years you would like to purchase hosting? One year, two years, three years or more.
These pages are necessary for ecommerce website, you can upload those in google drive
An SSL certificate is a digital certificate that authenticates a website's identity and enables an encrypted connection. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer.